Digital Product Designer

We love building digital, scalable products and platforms from nothing to everything. We get a kick out of intricate user journeys, seamless integrations, hot ass Figma overviews and delightful micro-interactions. Do you feel the same way?

We're searching an empathetic executor who's there for the team and devoted to building epic digital product experiences.

You have a strong foundation in building digital product and applications with a passion for creating compelling experiences in every interaction. In this role, you’ll conceptualize and build courageous, playful products and interfaces from the ground up and push purposeful design forward through every stage of the creative process.

You will be a vital part of an interdisciplinary team, which is highly skilled at developing new concepts, products and services and turning them into new ventures. We help our clients move from early venture opportunities to MVP and validated venture.

As part of that journey you will inspire teams, shape culture and create methods for new ways of working. Consequently your ability to not only create desirable digital product experiences, but also articulate the importance and impact of design as part of it is key for your ability to push our clients to the next level.

Who are you?

  • You’re excited to partner with clients in the venture space and create digital product experiences that unlock our clients’ vision and resonate with consumers.
  • You’re a pro at managing and prioritizing the workload for yourself and your team. You’ll lead projects and products from conception to completion and support other team members.
  • You’re a holistic thinker. You will create experiences that span categories and touchpoints and will gain exposure to working with different disciplines including brand design, digital design, UX, product design and development.
  • You understand that today’s brands are digital. You’re familiar with implementing brand systems for digital experiences and will collaborate closely with our brand team to bring wholesome web and app universes to life.
  • You’re a team player. You proactively share your perspective but seek input from others and enjoy collaborating with fellow designers to generate and deliver compelling solutions.
  • You have a strong creative point of view that’s rooted in strategy and empathy. You’re curious and dig deep to understand problems - and have the ability to form creative digital experiences and recommend solutions that are provocative and risk-taking.
  • You thrive in a fast-paced work environment and will inspire colleagues and clients alike and earn their confidence in your solutions.
  • You are a builder who wants to create something from nothing.

Nuts and bolts

  • You have +3 years experience in building digital product experiences that can be executed across platforms.
  • You have excellent information architecture and UX skills and are highly proficient in Figma (preferably), Sketch or Adobe XD.
  • You’re a confident and persuasive communicator with the ability to speak about the impact of your work and make intelligent decisions.
  • You are fluent in building digital product experiences for web, apps and digital products.
  • You can navigate the span between brand strategy and digital service experiences focused on utility.

About Parabolic

At Parabolic we launch and grow new ventures with corporates and startups. We believe that bringing curious, creative people together working towards a shared purpose can shape brands, products and services that change the world.

Our aim is to bring outstanding talent together, empower them to crack complex challenges and build the next impactful businesses. It’s our firm belief that the old hourly-based consultancy is broken and needs a new approach. We aim to partner up rather than to work for hire. Our venture mindset and methods are all about experimentation and moving beyond expectations to create new innovative businesses from the ground up.

Application process

  • Applications close when we find the right candidate
  • Interviews will be held continuously as applications arrive
  • Job start: as soon as possible
  • Submit your application and portfolio to:
  • For any questions regarding the job, please contact
    Mads Hemdorff Møberg on +45 28447140
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