co-working space

Whatever's your thing, building new magical stuff is tough. To us, having great people around you makes all the difference. Access to network, knowledge and competencies are all important elements, so is getting hammered and having fun. We make room for all of it.

New Aarhus co-working studio for all creative builders & creative troublemakers. Looking for a new office space? Reach out. 2844 7140

We bring like-minded people together. The idea is to build a creative and collaborative environment of people who want to build things that have impact on the world. You could call it a venture shipyard or a playground for venture-minded people.

Our experience is that a mix of people with different and complementary skills is a good place to start when creating a collaborative environment. We imagine over time that the space will be occupied by some of the following types of people and skill sets:

Creative strategists, Brand designers, Motion & graphic designers, Digital designers, UX & product people, Growth/marketing hustlers, Techies/devs, copywriters and storytellers, PR/media specialists, Startups, Investors, and everything in between and beyond.

We build the studio because we believe more good ideas should get launched into the real world. And often that's hard to do all by yourself.

Location & Price:

  • Place: Filmbyen 2, Aarhus, ground floor.
  • Price: will be 2.850 DKK for a desk
  • Floorplan: Personal desk and 3 big meeting rooms - room for 26 superstars.


  • Desk
  • Wifi (magic power of the interweb shall be present)
  • Coffee
  • Community (Shared slack space and best people)
  • Events & Talks
  • Friday bars


  • Lunch deal with Filmbyen (add on)
  • Buy coffee from Sigfreds at discount
  • Meeting goods
  • Print facillities
  • Shower facilities
  • 24/7 open with your own key