we are

The idea for Parabolic was conceived while attending an anarchist and crypto festival in Acapulco, Mexico back in early 2018. We wanted to go to the edge of society and experience the conversations going on at the frontlines of liberalism and tech - far away from the comforts of our Scandinavian nest.

It was some of the most crazy and eventful days we've ever experienced. Here's a short rundown.

We met people who believed the world is run by reptilian overlords. Witnessed a heavy verbal infight between Roger Ver and the audience about Bitcoin Cash and hard forks - yes, he actually cried on stage. Partied with members from the Wu Tang Clan at a bar overlooking Acapulco Bay. Felt the shocks of an earthquake measuring 7.2 on the Richter Scale. Befriended a group of guys from Venezuela who ran an exchange that could get people out of the inflated Bolivar. Met a family who voluntarily lived without personal identification and had spent months traveling through the US and Mexico to reach the resort. Released turtles into the Pacific under the full moon. And much more unfit for the Interweb. We were there for 4 days.

Amid all the madness and lunch-sized Pina Coladas also came time for conversation and reflection. What is it we want from life? Who do we want to spend our precious time with? Are we free to do whatever we want? Can we help some people less fortunate than ourselves?

We ended up breaking our corporate chains and create an independant venture design studio that builds cutting edge new companies with visions and values we believe in. With Parabolic we wanted to challenge the misguided ways traditional studios are working - instead of an hourly rate, we wish to be paid for the value of the outcome, as incentives align better this way.

We are always looking for highly motivated and collaborative people from around the world who share our values.


Feel free to contact us, we are always on the lookout for talent. Make sure to link your online portfolio and/or your LinkedIn profile in your application: mads@parabolic.io


For an internship to be mutually beneficial, we believe it's important that you become an integrated part of our team. Therefore, we like internships to be longer than three months. Make sure to link your online portfolio and/or your LinkedIn-profile to your application. Always open!