Adress enables alternative financing of residential real estate through co-ownership



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This is about creating financial inclusion and flexibility

There's a gap widening between income and housing prices, which makes it harder and harder for regular people to own their dream home. This is further fueled by the rising down payments private individuals need to find to be eligible for a loan.

Adress is a Norwegian startup here to change these dynamics by co-investing alongside new home buyers. Instead of interests or installments they get a share of the appreciation. They also share any potential depreciation, so the risk of buying is lowered.

Parabolic has helped launch Adress with a visionary venture strategy, new brand identity, content and a first edition of a scalable website.
Adress logo in purple
Adress colors shown how the work with the image style
Man brewing coffee in a apartment Adress helped fund
Woman sitting on a table enjoying her new apartment
Woman reading a book in her new apartment
Adress brand on four posters
Adress brand on instagram post carousel
Residential area seen from above showing housing, roads and streetnames
Residential area seen from above showing street names only
Residential area seen from above showing street names as a graphical element
Adress graph and data visualization shown on a instagram story

A new way of looking at home ownership

Many of us have been in the process of buying a house or an apartment, and some are thinking about it right now.

Some are fortunate enough to have had parents help them out with the down payment, others are simply in a position where they have to save up for years when all they have to show for educating themselves for the benefit of society is a student loan.
As it is today the inequality is rising in many layers of our society - but it doesn't have to be this way. Enter Adress, a startup that levels the playing field.

To reflect that a new era of financial innovation is here, we've created a brand universe that is driven by real people's lives, bright colors and a modern way of creating an inclusive and digital user experience.