A compliant gateway to the new digital economy for institutional investors and bitcoin businesses.



Venture architecture
Business modelling
Brand design
Frontend development
Interim CMO

Building the financial ecosystem
of tomorrow

In late 2020 we met with a group of highly experienced and enthusiastic crypto and blockchain experts to form Januar.

Januar provides infrastructure for crypto currency businesses bridging the gap between the traditional centralized financial system and the new decentralized financial system. The company provides easy, compliant and secure access to crypto markets through its account and custody solutions.

With a flying start in 2021 Januar received a historic license from the FSA and raised €1.6M from byFounders and industry experts.

Januar logo on fabric
Januar magasin
Januar platform on phone
Januar poster
Girl holding a book with the januar logo on it
Januar brand on a totebag
Office front with januar logo as folio

New crypto infrastructure means
new everything.

Januar has been in stealth mode for quite a while, since a lot is required to become a leading actor in the space. Among this is a second to none user experience. Something the crypto landscape has been starved of since its conception.
Parabolic is building a digital product fit for the new economy along with a brand people can relate to and understand.

As we go from stealth to public, this case will be updated with more juicy stuff that portrays the crazy journey we've embarked on. So stay tuned.