A truly collaborative, end-to-end IP management platform that empowers people to work together in a smart, simple way.

Rightly banner in the street


Venture architecture
Business modelling
Brand & motion design
Website & Product design
Frontend & backend development

Rightly embodies the future of IP management and protection.

In early 2020 we met with the founders of Rightly (then Legal Intelligence) and got introduced to the world of Intellectual Property Rights.

It turns out that 3.3 % of the World's GDP derives from illicitly copied product. A large portion of the money is used to fuel criminal networks, the products themselves put consumers worldwide in harms way due to hazardous chemicals, and both child labour and environmental damages follow in the wake of this malpractice.

After having helped form the strategic foundation, rebrand Rightly, build a new website and redesigned parts of their UI, we could see the great impact the platform could make in the future. As a result we decided to join forces as partners.

Deconstruction of the rightly logo showing how the brand are build by using simple shapes
Rightly's mission statement
6 custom icons made the Rightly's new brand
Rightly website show on three mobile phones
Rightly product platform for brand protection
Every single screens from the Rightly product dashboard
Apple watch with renewal notification from the Rightly platform
Rightly businesscards
People behind Rightly, bluePeople behind Rightly, greenPeople behind Rightly, greyPeople behind Rightly, yellow

Building a scalable SaaS platform means you need to have a solid tech stack to support various scenarios without compromising speed of deployment.

We worked extensively on the product and assisted in migrating the tech stack to a more scalable environment while building an information architecture and UX that could cope with the expanding user base and rights under management. We also extended the brand awareness, created pitch presentations, helped attract interest from notable VCs, secured soft funding through Innobooster and much more.
Today Rightly is growing. The team is simply onboarding new staff and customers at an impressive pace.
What impresses us the most, however, is how they've managed to make IPR relatable and much more manageable to a user group who have been forever underserved and has hungered for relevant tech solutions.
The symbolism of the rightly logo