Ento empowers organisations to enhance energy efficiency and promote intelligent energy consumption with AI

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Instant impact
driven by data

We are all aware of the urgency to reduce our energy consumption. However, the green transition is a complex and challenging affair to act on and the path to creating viable solutions is riddled with confusion and difficulties. Given that most energy management systems available today only have the capacity to monitor consumption, energy managers are forced to manually analyse their usage, making it bewildering to effectively realise the much needed energy optimisation.

Ento was created to contribute to the green transition by unlocking the value stored in data. Drawing upon the team's extensive experience in optimising manual processes with data and advanced algorithms, Ento has developed an AI-powered software solution with the potential to make an impact immediately, not in a pipedream future like many other proposed techno fixes.

Value Proposition

When we met the team behind Ento they were passionate about their cause, yet less clear about how to convey their story in a simple and engaging way. In late 2022 they invited Parabolic to craft their visual and verbal identity that would reflect their evolution from an emergent B2B platform into a mission-driven enterprise.

We began with a new value proposition that underpins the advantage of pragmatism. The Ento team believes that energy optimisation should be a pragmatic endeavour, so we wanted the brand experience to be as utility-driven as the product itself.

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Generated by Midjourney

The new visual identity includes a bold and distinct logo, a highly functional typeface, new color palette, and a scalable iconography system.

Furthermore, in order to truly visualise the power and precision of AI technology, we decided to generate all imagery in Midjourney. This includes images of the types of buildings that Ento serves such as retail chains, public buildings and manufacturing facilities.

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Project Team:

Mads Hemdorff Møberg
Thorbjørn Gudnason
Dennis Vinther
Christian Linde

Imagery: Midjourney

Info on Ento's digital product offering:
It offers everything you need to make instant energy optimisations. Just provide access to your energy data, and the digital energy advisor will analyse your consumption, identifying potential improvements across all buildings.

The software will then detect and verify energy savings, documenting them according to the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol.